Alvin Lucier: Sound on Paper

for framed paper, loudspeakers and audio oscillator (1985)

Six pieces of white paper of different weights and densities are framed and mounted on easels, facing the audience, Behind each one is positioned a small loudspeaker. A pure wave oscillator, tuned to thirty-two cycles per second, is routed through a mixer to each loudspeaker. As the sound waves flow from the loudspeakers through the paper, the paper vibrates sympathetically, in ways determined by the pitch and loudness of the wave and the physical characteristics of the paper.

text score from: »Reflexionen«, Alvin Lucier, MusikTexte Verlag, s.474


14.12.2021 | Plantage13 Bremen | Concert for the award ceremony “Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany” to the gallery owner Katrin Rabus
05.12.2021 | Plantage13 Bremen | Limited Edition | HörenSehen