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Eines Abends, als die Sonne schön unterging…

scenic composition based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling (2011)
for speaking voice, actor and ensembles, 6 min.

The ugly duckling is a poor, lonely animal who has taken refuge in a forest. He is completely lost, not only without orientation but also without self-confidence. Suddenly he discovers a large flock of birds that the duckling had never seen so beautiful.

Andersen, a fairy tale writer, develops a story about contrasts between light and shadow, between gold and gray. During a beautiful autumn sunset he is in a forest. Reciting loudly, but with caution, he tries to find out the appropriate words.

The duckling and Andersen meet. It is precisely at this moment that night replaces day, winter replaces spring and summer… This is the moment of encounter between the author and his character, between self and reflection, present and past.

What changed when the birds flew away again and the sun disappeared behind the horizon?


25.06.2012 | Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis Hannover | CHEN Chengwen portrait concert – as part of the composition exam of Soloklasse | concert performance | Christoph Biermann, Ensemble Incontri unter der musikalischen Leitung von Snežana Nešić
17. + 18.10.2011 | Theaterwerkststt Pavillon Hannover | Weiß wie Ebenholz – a musical play on fairy tales | premiere | Christoph Biermann, Jonas Minthe, Ensemble ur.werk unter der musikalischen Leitung von Snežana Nešić, Jana Raile, Elvira Freind, Tobias Ribitzki