© Hassan Sheidaei


for Pakkóan with electronics (2020/ 21), 6 min.
commissioned by Hannoverschen Gesellschaft für neue Musik as part of TRAIECT III: TAIWAN project

Water tells us something about the quality of fl owing, of formless and manifold transforming and (re)absorbing. It is in motion, it does not delimit itself from itself, it makes life possible. In my composition I am concerned with the fluidity of Pakkoán music. Several fragments of music, which on the one hand can be heard as musique concrète from the loudspeakers, and on the other hand can be experienced on stage by musicians, grow freely into each other and form a depth with its own differences, which unfold historically, performancewise, socially, culturally, religiously and stylistically. Freed from their original contexts, the fragments form a constellation in which Pakkoán can encounter both himself and the Other.

live recording from November 28th, 2021 in the Sprengel Museum Hanover
premiere | LIU Yu-hsiu, HE Yi-jen (pakkoán instruments and voice), HSU Yuan-jou (keyboards), Luis Salguerio, CHEN Chengwen (electronics)
sound recording: Emanuel Grossi
video: Sascha Hahn


07.05.2022 | Deutschlandfunk: Atelier neuer Musik | Der Raum dazwischen – Das Projekt „Traiect Taiwan“ in Hannover | Recording from November 18th, 2021 in Sprengel Museum Hannover | moderation: Hanno Ehrler
28.11.2021 | Sprengel Museum Hannover | TRAIECT III: TAIWAN | New music for traditional Asian instruments and electronics | LIU Yu-hsiu, HE Yi-jen, HSU Yuan-jou, Luis Salgueiro, CHEN Chengwen, fmsbw – Elektronisches Studio