© James Chan-A-Sue

CHEN Chengwen (陳政文) is active as a composer in the vocal-instrumental and electroacoustic fields. Born in 1980 in Taiwan, lives and works in Germany since 2010.

His compositions often create new situations for listening by making conversant sounds unconventional, staging the physicality of the musicians in an extraordinary way or explore new concert forms. In the foreground is the acoustic thinking, which is inspired by electroacoustic listening experiences, e.g. through spectral analyzes on linguistics, spatial perspectives or the development of hybrid instrumental bodies. The musical examination of transcultural experiences and fluidity plays an important role.

Study in composition in Taiwan and 2010-16 in Germany, first at the University of Music, Drama and Media Hanover (Konzertexamen) with Gordon Williamson and Joachim Heintz, then electro-acoustic composition at the University of Arts Bremen with Kilian Schwoon.

Since 2018 as a member of tritonus e.V. co-organization of the HörenSehen concert series.