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Lorbeerbaum (2022)
for Viola d’amore, 15 min.
commissioned work by Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg as part of the project “Viola d’amore JETZT! 2022”

4 Hände (2016-20)
scenic composition in dialogue with Plato’s Symposium
for guitar, cello, accordion four hands each and an extended voice, 75 min.
by CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich
Musik für Gitarre zu vier Händen (2016), 13 min.
Musik für Violoncello zu vier Händen (2017–19), 20 min.
Musik für Akkordeon zu vier Händen (und eine weitere Stimme) (2019–20), 18 min.
Musik für Stimme (2020), 4 min.

guitar tuning live (2018)
for electronic sounds and two musicians on one guitar, 25 min.

Libra (2013)
for a cymbal player with or without electronics, 11 min.

Eines Abends, als die Sonne schön unterging… (2011)
scenic composition based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling
for speaking voice, actor and ensembles, 6 min.


Leere Herzen (2017-18)
Music with Zen Buddhist and Daoist texts in dialogue with G.F. Handel’s Messiah
for soloists, choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 54 min.
commissioned by Junge Kantorei
herz for choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 4 min.
unmittelbar for soloists, choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 6 min.
hätte ich… I – V for soloists, vocal ensemble, choir and a speaking voice, each 1-2 min.
hätte ich… VI for soloists and a speaking voice, 4 min.
hätte ich… VII for two violins, viola, cello and a speaking voice, 5 min.
einer hat eine perle auf seiner stirn for soloists, choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 18 min.
・ Ali Gorji + CHEN Chengwen: Hallelujah! Musik mit Händel und Daf solo for percussionist, choir and baroque orchestra, 10 min.

… in der Welt… (2015 -)
… in der Welt… I for choir and tape (2015), 10 min.
commissioned by Landesmusikrats Bremen as part of Bremer Komponistenpreises 2015
… in der Welt… II Acousmatic composition (2015), 3 min.
… in der Welt… IV Soundscape with a speaking cello body (2015), 15 min.

emotion recollected in tranquility (2012)
for ensemble in space with trombone solo, 8 min.


Erkennen des Eigenen (2023)
Music for organ and space, 11 min.
Commissioned work for Michael Veltman as part of the Orgelmixturen 2023 festival in Sankt Peter Cologne

Erkennen des Anderen (2022)
for guitar and geomungo, 6 min.
Commissioned work of Hannoverschen Gesellschaft für Neue Musik
also versions for guitar duo (2023), for viola and guitar (2023)

Worte (2021)
for string quartet, 9 min.
commissioned work as part of BTHVN 2020

pakkoánfluid (2020/ 21)
for Pakkóan with electronics, 6 min.
commissioned by Hannoverschen Gesellschaft für neue Musik as part of TRAIECT III: TAIWAN project

present absence (2016-17)
Music for a pianist on a grand piano with electronics, 20 min.
commissioned by the Taiwan Music Institute

TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit (2016)
Music in three separate rooms, 60 min.
Musik für Trompete, Akkordeon, Tuba und Elektronik, 20 Min.
Musik für Disklavier und Elektronik, 20 Min.
Musik für einen MIDI-Keyboardspieler und Elektronik, 17 Min.
Epilog für Tuba, 3 Min.

Orchidee (2015)
for violoncello solo and electronics with or without percussionist, 13 min.
commissioned by Expo 2015 Milan as part of “Feeding Music”

Luftspiegelung (2012)
for glockenspiel, 1 min.

Wasserspiegelung (2012/ rev. 2015)
for trombone solo, 6 min.

Chin-Ko-Chi III (2011)
for bass flute and tape, 6 min.

Chin-Ko-Chi I + II (2010)
for mixed ensemble (16/14 musicians), 15 min./ 15 min.
commissioned by National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan

Man-Yen (growth) (2007-08)
for Di-Xiao, Pipa, Guzheng and Huqin, 15 min.

Yin (2006)
for Guzheng solo, 11 min.

Yong (2006)
in dialogue with a poem by Dufu
for piano solo, 6 min.


Der Nebel, der Vogel und der Prophet (2013)
Acousmatic composition, 4 Min.


listen to Hearing (2012)
Sound installation for six mobile loudspeakers