4 Hände

scenic composition (2016-20)
in dialogue with Plato’s Symposium
for guitar, cello, accordion four hands each
and an extended voice, 75 min.
by CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich
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Leere Herzen

Music with Zen Buddhist and Daoist texts in dialogue with G.F. Handel’s Messiah (2017-18)
for soloists, choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 54 min.
commissioned by Junge Kantorei
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TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit

Music in three separate rooms (2016), 60 min.
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… in der Welt …

in dialogue with Laozi-Daodejing Chapter II (2015 -)
Music for soloist, choir and electronics, 28 min.
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