© Tobias Klich

TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit

Music in three separate rooms (2016), 60 min.

Musik für Trompete, Akkordeon, Tuba und Elektronik, 20 Min.
Musik für Disklavier und Elektronik, 20 Min.
Musik für einen MIDI-Keyboardspieler und Elektronik, 17 Min.
Epilog für Tuba, 3 Min.

Three locally independent spaces, each with its own instrumentation and staging, are nevertheless dependent on one another in view of the electronic connections. A room-internal action also has global effects, so the rooms nest in this way. In one room, the audience experiences the effects that are present but caused in another (absent) room. The audience can experience such cause-effect chains in two runs of the piece in the concert. By changing the room from two different perspectives the audience could then try to image how the part, that is always absent, could relate to the part, that is present at the moment.

CHEN Chengwen: »anwesende Abwesenheit«
Musik in drei separaten Räumen (2016)
An experimental music film by Tobias Klich (2017) 40 Min. – Trailer


16.12. 2016 | Bremen University of the Arts (gallery, concert hall and electronic studio) | CHEN Chengwen: Porträtkonzert – Masterkonzert elektroakustische Komposition | Callum G‘Froere, Till Marek Mannes, Jack Adler-McKean, Vasilios Panousis, Donny Karsadi, Mattia Bonafini, CHEN Chengwen

Musikfilm: CHEN Chengwen »TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit« | Tobias Klich (cinematic interpretation, 2017)

19.04. 2018 | Odeon Kion Mannheim | Junges Forum | The look of sound – Forum for films about music
23.09. 2017 | Kleines Haus Schauburg Bremen | 3. Filmfest Bremen | Neue Musik: Kurzfilmprogramm
27.08 – 08.10. 2017 | Syker Vorwerk – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst | neben dem Ohr das Auge | Solo exhibition Tobias Klich for the 9th Werner Kühl Prize (exhibition)