for violoncello solo and electronics with or without percussionist (2015), 13 min.
commissioned by Expo 2015 Milan as part of “Feeding Music”

The title »orchid« has a deep meaning in Han-Chinese culture. In literature, drawing, calligraphy and music, it has been processed in many ways and continues to develop on different degrees, such as society and education. It is a seasonal metaphor for spring, but also symbolizes a sophisticated person with a humble attitude.

“Confucius says: meeting a good person is like walking into a room with an orchid in it. You don’t feel a scent for a long time, but you eventually transform into him/ her.”

The piece deals with the fragility and incorporeality of a sound and questions “the orchid”, which embodies one of the most important symbolisms of ancient Confucian ethics, how formative a linguistic ensemble forms human values ​​and how profoundly triggers the social hierarchy in East Asia.

»Orchidee« for violoncello solo, electronics and percussionist (2013/15)
Zafraan Ensemble: Martin Smith (Violoncello), Daniel Eichholz (Schlagzeug), Antoine Daurat (Klangregie)

live recording: Der Schmetterlingstraum Oder: Alles ist echt, 21.11.2015, Markuskirche Hannover


27.01.2022 | Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts | Forum junger Komponisten: Farzia Fallah – Trio Catch | Eva Boesch, CHEN Chengwen
19.11. 2016 | Nicolai Kirche Eckernförde | Goyas Hände | 15 Jahre Konzertreihe Neue Musik Eckernförde: Werke – Wirkung – Relevanz V | Gerald Eckert, CHEN Chengwen
21.11.2015 | Markuskirche Hannover | Der Schmetterlingstraum – Oder: Alles ist echt | double portrait concert of the composers Woosung Cho and CHEN Chengwen with the Zafraan ensemble | event organized by the Hgnm as part of the Lower Saxony Scholarship in the field of composition | premiere of the version with percussion | Martin Smith, Daniel Eichholz, Antoine Daurat
06.11.2015 | Bötchersche Scheune Worpswede | Worpsweder Musikherbst | Ulrike Brand, CHEN Chengwen, Studio für Elektroakustische Musik HfK (realization)
22.10.2015 | Heinrich-Osterword-Halle Lauenburg/ Elbe | 6. Lauenburger Uraufführungskonzert | Sprechende Klangkörper | Ulrike Brand, CHEN Chengwen
03.10.2015 | Teatro della Terra bei EXRO Mailand | Nutrire la musica (Feeding Music) | Uraufführung | Aya Shimura, CHEN Chengwen