Erkennen des Eigenen

Music for organ and space (2023), 11 min.
Commissioned work for Michael Veltman as part of the Orgelmixturen 2023 festival in Sankt Peter Cologne
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Erkennen des Anderen

for guitar and geomungo (2022), 6 min.
Commissioned work of Hannoverschen Gesellschaft für Neue Musik
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for Viola d’amore (2022), 15 min.
commissioned work by Annegret Mayer-Lindenberg as part of the project “Viola d’amore JETZT! 2022”
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for Pakkóan with electronics (2020/ 21), 6 min.
commissioned by Hannoverschen Gesellschaft für neue Musik as part of TRAIECT III: TAIWAN project
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for string quartet (2021), 9 min.
commissioned work as part of BTHVN 2020
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4 Hände

scenic composition (2016-20)
in dialogue with Plato’s Symposium
for guitar, cello, accordion four hands each
and an extended voice, 75 min.
by CHEN Chengwen + Tobias Klich
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Leere Herzen

Music with Zen Buddhist and Daoist texts in dialogue with G.F. Handel’s Messiah (2017-18)
for soloists, choir, pakkoán and baroque orchestra, 54 min.
commissioned by Junge Kantorei
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guitar tuning live

for electronic sounds and two musicians on one guitar (2018), 25 min.
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present absence

Music for a pianist on a grand piano with electronics (2016-17), 20 min.
commissioned by the Taiwan Music Institute
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TRIO: Anwesende Abwesenheit

Music in three separate rooms (2016), 60 min.
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for violoncello solo and electronics with or without percussionist (2015), 13 min.
commissioned by Expo 2015 Milan as part of “Feeding Music”
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… in der Welt …

in dialogue with Laozi-Daodejing Chapter II (2015 -)
Music for soloist, choir and electronics, 28 min.
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Der Nebel, der Vogel und der Prophet

Acousmatic composition (2013), 4 Min.
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for a cymbal player with or without electronics (2013), 11 min.
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for glockenspiel (2012), 1 min.
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emotion recollected in tranquility

for ensemble in space with trombone solo (2012), 8 min.
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Wasserspiegelung (water reflection)

for trombone solo (2012/ rev. 2015), 6 min.
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listen to Hearing

Sound installation for six mobile loudspeakers (2012)
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Eines Abends, als die Sonne schön unterging…

scenic composition based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling (2011)
for speaking voice, actor and ensembles, 6 min.
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Chin-Ko-Chi III

for bass flute and tape (2011), 6 min.
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